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“Evan is now over 200 days clean and sober and I thank God everyday. I count my blessings. Evan is fun to be around. His sense of humor is back. He has become part of the family again. He is kind and caring and really takes his recovery to heart. I know I can count on you and Treatment Dynamics for any help in the future.”

–Evan’s Mother

The distinguishing feature of Treatment Dynamics, Inc. is the variety of effective programs we offer to address the specific needs of the community we serve. These programs include:


Adolescents require special programs and unique interventions. Parents and professionals may call for guidance when it comes to setting up the initial assessment. We can help you address your adolescent’s resistance and guide you through the process.

If you suspect your adolescent is having a problem with substance abuse, you should read this informational article.

Adolescent Education and Extended Evaluation (EEE) Program

Exclusive to our Florham Park location

This multi-episodic, one-hour informational series is designed to increase awareness of substances and their impacts on culture, adolescent development and family functioning. If random urinalysis indicates further substance abuse, other treatment may be recommended.

Adolescent Early Intervention and Prevention (EIP) Program

Exclusive to the Florham Park Location

Adolescents who begin experiencing negative consequences of their substance abuse may be appropriate for the EIP Program. This method of treatment utilizes one peer group and a multiple family group each week with adjunct education and a parents’ support group.

A relapse prevention group may be added to treatment if the adolescent continues to struggle with substance abuse.

The primary goals of this level of care are to increase the adolescent’s insight into the negative effects of substance use, gain motivation to resist use in the future and enrich family awareness of patterns of behavior which may be ineffectual.

Adolescent Substance Abuse Program (SAP)

Exclusive to our Newton Location

This method of treatment combines two peer groups and a multiple family group session weekly for substance abusing and co-occurring adolescents who are at risk of chemical dependency. A family support group is incorporated to provide families with the tools to assist their young adults with appropriate decision making.

The primary goals of the SAP program are to provide a structured environment where adolescents can work with each other in identifying the risks involved with their substance use and learn healthy adaptive skills to navigate through life’s stressors and other difficult situations.

Adolescent Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Program

Adolescents who require more extensive treatments for substance abuse, chemical dependency and co-occurring disorders may be best treated with an IOP Program.

This level of care incorporates group process, experiential exercises, 12 Step philosophy, education and integrative coping skills into the adolescent’s treatment. Weekly family groups are an integral part of treatment in the adolescent program.

Extended Evaluations (EE)

Extended Evaluations are condensed versions of a program for those who may experience relief from their symptoms without requiring the full program. This level of care is recommended when appropriate.


Adult Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Adults suffering from chemical dependency can seek effective treatment while being able to continue to live, work and function in their community. Group process, 12 step philosophy and education are key components of the program. A bi-monthly Family evening is offered as well as education for loved ones.

Evening as well as Day programs are offered. Please call for availability of day treatment.

Adult Extended Evaluation

This is a condensed version of the full program, treating substance abuse and evaluating for chemical dependency and other issues that may require further or augmented treatment.


It all starts with an assessment. A complete bio-psycho-social assessment is conducted to determine treatment needs. Please call today.

Other Services

Aftercare Programs are used as a step-down component for both the Adolescent and Adult IOP programs.

Post-Residential Treatment is offered for individuals returning from an inpatient or residential treatment program.

Individual and Family Therapy is also available.

Individual Extended Evaluation can be considered for those who are not appropriate for a traditional group treatment setting.

Supervised Urine Screening is a part of all programs and is also offered to our alumni. Upon the Director’s approval, we extend this service to patients of other professionals in the field.


Referring professionals may call us to discuss clients and to set up appointments. The patient and/or family must call to complete a telephone intake interview before appointments can be confirmed.

Financial Arrangements

We participate with most insurance plans and accept most major credit cards. Our Accounts Representative will work with you in making workable financial arrangements. It is our goal to make treatment accessible. Professionals, schools and community-based agencies are invited to discuss scholarship assistance for those in need.